Muskoka Waterfront Retreat


Muskoka Waterfront Retreat has put together a series of outdoor programming with local naturalists, including guided exploration of the area’s waterways, star-gazing, and foraging local forests for hidden delicacies.. The below are a few of the activities being offered, for a fee. Please inquire about our programming prior to your stay.

Under the Night Sky

Our naturalist offers a unique field astronomy program that allows guests to explore the universe using a state of the art field telescope, enabling them to see ten thousand times further than the naked eye. Peering into distant planets, galaxies, nebulae and touring through the constellations is always a favorite Muskoka night time activity.

Guided Wilderness Canoeing/Kayaking

Discover the natural beauty detailed in the tree-lined shores and bare rock faces as you explore the rivers and lakes of Muskoka and Algonquin Park with our naturalist. You will explore the many inlets and waterways looking for signs of wildlife that make this special place their home.

The Edible Wild

Join us for a taste of Muskoka’s wild edibles by foraging local forests with our naturalist. There are many hidden delicacies to be uncovered. Prepared in the field or back in the dining room, you’re sure to have a treat like no other.

While Muskoka is renowned for its stunning beauty, crystal clear waters and awe-inspiring sunsets, it has so much more to offer. From family attractions to outdoor adventures, live entertainment to culinary delights, if you are vacationing in Muskoka, you’ve got to try these experiences.

Boat Rentals

Muskoka is famous for its sparkling clear waters, and there is nothing more spectacular during the summer than spending the day on the water. The closest marina is Lake of Bays Marina for watersports and rentals. ​


The Retreat is just a 10 min. drive from one of Ontario’s premier golf destinations - Deerhurst Golf Resort. There are two golf courses there - Deerhurst Highlands (one of Canada’s top ranked courses) and Deerhurst Lakeside.